We decided to make this podcast because we love talking about current events, conspiracy theories, and anythnig else while playing Catan.

The hosts

Here's a bit about the hosts.


Katie is a general music teacher that loves cats, coffee, and Animal Crossing!


Maegan works in the live event industry programming lights and as a product support specialist for Hog consoles. They are also an iOS and macOS app developer and hosts another podcast called Cueer.


Benjamin is a private music teacher, composer, and audio engineer. He is also our editor. He loves cats, coffee, D&D, Nintendo, anime and all things nerdy


Jasmine is an accountant that loves playing Catan. She is also a playstation lover and wants more Switch games to play so please send your suggestions.


CJ works in finance. He loves video games and Nintendo and coffee!


As most podcasts have, Settlers of Catan't Even has a Patreon. If you want to support and see more effort and the podcast grow, please donate. If you can't give money monetarily, then please share the podcast with everyone you know.

There are some perks if you become a patron! Make sure to check out the page if you want to see the tiers, but here is a list of what you can get.

  • Livestream while recording
  • Early rough cut episodes
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