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Black Friday where America is actually the Hunger Games

In this episode, we discuss the crazy good (bad?) deals of Black Friday and the incidents around them!

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 🦃

Ben leads us thorugh the history of the Thanksgiving Day Parade and some fun facts. We also discuss the Switch vs Switch Lite and the news of Biden and Harris. 🇺🇸

Nov-Way! Presi-didn't See That Coming!

In this episode, we discuss theories about our past presidents! If you like the new intro music, make sure to let us know!

Oct-Over It! This is Halloween

We discuss halloween history and traditions!

Oct-Over It Lights, Camera, Curses!

In this episode, Ben leads us through some movies that were cursed from the get-go.

Oct-over it! Witch Freely! 🧙‍♂️

In this episode, we discuss the Salem Witch Trials!

Oct-Over It! I'm so Vlad We Had This Time Together!

We kick off the spooky season by talking about vampires!

The Magical Bean Juice that is Coffee

In this episode, we discuss all things coffee-related! Buckle up cause it's a long one!

National Treasure: Paris Edition

We discuss some conspiracy theories around the Mona Lisa.

Illuminati... Confirmed?

We discuss where the Illuminati came from and who or may not be part of the Illuminati.

Where are You Finland? Why can't I Find You? 🇫🇮

We discuss if Finland is a country or was it just made up by Russia and Japan. Nokia also makes an appearance.

It's Complicated 🤷

In this episode, we discuss if Avril Lavigne has a look-a-like.

If We Could Turn Back Time

We discuss Project Pegasus and time travel! Ben is the moderator this week which allows Katie to join the game.

You're a Lizard Harry

Are these questions you've asked yourself? Are you a reptilian humanoid? Is Obama a lizard person? If so, then you might find some answers.

Denver International Airport

In this episode, we discuss the creepiness that is the Denver International Airport. Why was it constructed? Are there ties to secret societies like the Freemasonry? W...

Flat Earth

We discuss the flat earth conspiracy and introduce ourselves.

Introducing the Hosts

Get ready for a new podcast by getting to know the hosts, Katie, Maegan, Ben, Jasmine, and CJ!

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